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Live Healthy and Feel Good About Yourself

Lose Weight Without Dieting

We will teach you how by making 10 easy decisions

healthy-smiling-women1. I will not diet - You know that diets are not a permanent fix - they help you to lose weight but you gain that weight back and throw your metabolism off making it even harder to lose weight. You do not want to do this anymore. No more diets.


2. I will keep my commitment – Commit to change your lifestyle. You know the best solution for your health is to change your lifestyle, meaning change the type of foods you eat and your exercise routine. Commitment is powerful and will take you there, but you must decide to commit yourself completely. You must decide that you are going to change your lifestyle, no matter what. This must be an absolute commitment, no back doors or excuses. Make and keep your commitment.


3. I will be consistent - You do not like changing your lifestyle because you are afraid that you will not get to eat foods you like, or that you will have to exercise more than you want to. Neither of these is true. The truth is that you must learn to become consistent; you must stop making excuses and changing your mind every few months. You must find foods and exercise routines that work for you. Permanently. You must find a lifestyle that suits you and then stick with it. You must be consistent.

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Make Your Commitment Now!

4. I will get support – You need help. Get over it. This is true and you know it. Support and structure are your friends. Best case you get a coach, good coaches are about $1,000 per month and up. If you cannot afford a coach then join a community or a program like this one. Find people that make you feel as though somebody actually cares about you. Get support.


5. I will be accountable – Find people that will tell you the truth and help you get real. Again, get a coach. Join a community where you will feel accountable and cannot hide. Be accountable.


healthy-women-on-bike6. I will use the tools – It is amazing how many tools and resources are out there. You have everything you need. You know that, I do not have to tell you. But start to appreciate this. Use the tools. Beginning right now, use every tool and resource you can get your hands on. When you get tired of one, put it away for later and use another one. Repeat. This means read motivational books, cookbooks, inspirational books, join walking groups, use recordings, get massages, go to mud baths. Whatever. The tools are your friends and you must use them. It is ok to rotate the tools you like, change preferences, like and then dislike a particular tool or resource, change it up and every other thing. That is why they are there. Use the tools.


7. I will enjoy my lifestyle – Give yourself permission to enjoy your lifestyle. Just let go of your suffering right now. Let go of that disciplined pride you have about being able to live with any diet forever. Stop being a trooper. Stop showing the world you can suffer willingly beyond any average persons tolerance. Allow yourself to be ok when you do not like something! Just this act alone will change how you treat food and everything else in your life. This is the new you that takes only what you need. The new you that will slow down enough to notice what you like and what you do not like. Use only what works for you and only what you like, without any judgment. With full permission and confidence. Give yourself permission – only do, and use, what you like. Enjoy your lifestyle.

There are three more decisions you need to make in order to change your lifestyle.
But first we have to uncover the lies that have been given to you by society and the media.
And then we need to get these lies out of your head. Fast!

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